Books & Films

Different people certainly learn different ways; but the bottom line is that the more “homework” you do the more you will get out of your time on safari.

Fortunately, there are more books and films on all aspects of East Africa then ever before. Wherever your interest lies, try and do you homework!

Wildlife Books

Predator, by Mark C. Ross and David Reesor

Portraits in the Wild, by Cynthia Moss

Mammals of the African Subcontinent, by Jonathan Kingdon

Serengeti: Dynamics of an Ecosystem, by A.R.E Sinclair and Mike Norton-Griffiths

Safari Companion, by Richard Estes

Birds of Kenya, by Donald Turner

Almost Human, by Shirley Strum

Gorillas in the Mist, by Diane Fossey

Wildlife Films

There are so, so many wildlife films “out there” now.  Go online and check wildlife films for Kenya and Tanzania and simply select what interests you.

African Cats, by Walt Disney

The Year of the Wildebeest, by Alan Root

Here Be Dragons, by Alan Root

Mortal Enemies, by the Joberts

History Books

The Lunatic Express, by Daniel Miller

The White Nile, by Alan Moorhead

The Man-eaters of Tsavo, by Patterson

The Flame Trees of Thika, by Elspeth Huxley

Born Free, by Joy Adamson

Our Turn to Eat, by Michela Wrong

Out of America, by Keith Rickburg

Do check with Safari Press (California) and browse their books by early Kenya and Tanzania hunters (whether you are a hunter or not).  They are great history.

Political Books

The Africans, by David Lamb

The Long Walk to Freedom, By Nelson Mandela

What is The What, by Dave Eggers

Websites and Links

The following online resources may be handy as you learn more about Africa and Safaris.