Extraordinary Activities

Because eastern and southern Africa are so biologically and culturally diverse, there is a fantastic array of unusual activities, additions and options there for the choosing, for any safari.

Let me just list a few examples of what you can do and then, when it comes time to design your particular safari we can discuss these possibilities in more detail.

  1. Walking safaris, for a few hours or for a few days.
  2. Helicopter fishing and hiking day trips on Mt. Kenya, complete with a full picnic and the champagne.
  3. Horseback riding in the game parks or on private refuges; for a few hours or a few days.
  4. Camel safaris in northern Kenya, conducted by local Samburu, and hosted by me.
  5. Sailing safaris off of Pemba or Lamu Island, including scuba diving or snorkeling.
  6. Truly “camping out”, on the ground, with all of Africa around you.   This is a wonderful experience for a night or for a number of days.   Its safe, and it gets you so involved with the environment.
  7. “Manyatta Days.”  Spend a day or two living with the Samburu or any of the tribes in of northern Kenya.  Only in this way will you truly get a solid understanding of their lives, their world.
  8. Cultural safaris to extreme northern Kenya/southern Ethiopia; to the Omo Valley. These trips are way, way beyond where the normal visitor goes.   You’ll be so beautifully immersed in the world of the Karo, Hammar, Dasenech and Mursi tribes. These expeditions, even using the aircraft (a must) are at least eight days long.